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  Foundation Management & Grant Writing


Foundation Management
Burke Rix Communications has an extensive background in foundation management. For the last 8 years the firm has run the Foundation for the Los Angeles Community Colleges under a contract with the District. The firm is responsible for securing and administering large scholarship grants from Foundations such as the California Community Foundation. In addition the firm is responsible for all event and gala management, board development and running the Board meetings and providing all material for the Board and Chancellor.

Grant Writing & Procurement
Lastly, the staff of Burke Rix Communications has a proven track record when it comes to the execution of a grant proposal and procurement of funds. To date, we have helped our clients secure over $25 million in grant funding. We have made numerous trips to Washington D.C. and Sacramento on behalf of our clients and assisted in tracking deadlines, reviewing eligibility requirements, and discovering previously unknown funding sources. Our research team has spent countless hours on the Internet and phone investigating new and emerging programs and our firm has submitted numerous grants on behalf of our clients.
From our education and professional backgrounds, to our recent direct involvement with regard to consulting with Cities on best practices to access Stimulus Funding, we are a very experienced firm that understands the complexities of your organization.